The Silent Song is an artistic practice that serves as an investigation into the nuances of perception, awareness  and sensibility to a given environment. It can be applied for several purposes:


  • As an artistic practice it is meant  to enhance a performers ability to experience time, sustain a vigilant presence, stay attentive to minimal quality changes and create an access to a contemplation on the margins between performance, event and ritual.


  • The practice can also be used as a “warm up” by anyone willing to have a stronger experience in their meeting with an artwork, installation, a performance.


  • As a meditation for anyone willing to discover the poetic and healing power of nature.


The practice can take place in natural environment (parks, forests, mountain regions etc ) or in urban environments (city-streets, offices, shopping malls and other public settings).

It is preferable to go from one environment to the other in order to experience the full impact of the practice (see route examples). The reason for this stems from the simplest observation that our body is continuously dealing with these two opposites: on one hand it purely belongs to the pace and laws of nature yet on the other hand it is constantly adjusting to man-made artificial environments.

The practice of  Silent song provides a place of rest and an opportunity to place things in perspective



Go outside

Start running from wherever you are towards a park or natural environment

Once in nature, run for approx 15 min ( can be as long as you want).

Eventually stop and reverse walking slowly backwards

Walk all the way back to your starting point

Now and then take a look at one of the pocket-cards and dwell on it for a while.

Upon finish, send us feedback of your experience here.


route examples: